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About WEECoP Program

WEE Community of Practice (CoP) Kenya

This investment aims to strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the portfolio of work on women’s economic empowerment in Kenya. ICRW will lead the creation of the new WEE Community of Practice (CoP) Kenya, which will coordinate learning, amplify findings, build capacity of CoP members, and enhance collaboration between key stakeholders to share evidence and best practice in various virtual fora and conferences.

Women's Economic Empowerment

Establishing a Women's Economic Empowerment Community of Practice for the growth of women entrepreneurs

Knowledge Sharing

To establish an online knowledge sharing platform that helps women to access vital information required for growth

Program Objectives

Our Objectives :

  • 1. Research Support & partner Coordination in Kenya
  • 2. Develop learning questions for the community of practice
  • 3. Synthesize evidence on women’s empowerment and disseminate findings Women’s Economic Empowerment

Functions and Purposes of TWGs

Technical Working Groups (TWGs)

The WEE CoP Kenya will foster collaboration and learning across organizations working in similar domains in the same or different geographies, or with complementary skills, as well as organizations working on different aspects of WEE. In this project, ICRW Africa is bringing the partners together and facilitating partner connections and or collaborations. WEE CoP membership is diverse and is composed of WEE researchers and practitioners drawn from public, non-government organizationsprivate sector, and civil society organizations from local and international levels. This project will focus on;

  • Unpaid Care & Domestic Work
  • Training, Education, Mentorship & Capacity Building
  • Entrepreneurship and Income Generation
  • Gender Based Violence and Harassment
  • Financial Inclusion & Women Empowerment Collectives
  • Sexual Reproductive Health
  • Gender Equity & Empowerment
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Secretariat Members

Project Secretariat - Kenya

Chryspin Afifu

Expert, ICRW Africa

Serah Nduta Njenga

Expert, ICRW Africa

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How 2,000 Shillings is Changing the Narrative for Fisherfolk in Busia County

I knew this Focus Group Discussion would be an interesting one, but nothing prepared me for what was about to go down in the next two and half hours. The lake’s fish industry is so gendered such that nearly all of the fishing is done by the men while selling of the fish in markets is done by the women

Upcoming Events

As we prepare to host and participate in upcoming events (8th March for International Women’s Day, 6th -17th for CSW and 17-20 July for Women Deliver), we kindly request you to populate this Events Template that will help members identify, follow/participate and support the planned activities

Work and Opportunities for Women (WOW): Measurement of Women’s Economic Empowerment

In recent years there has been significantly increased attention to measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE). Efforts toward achieving gender equality through the global SDG commitments